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Growth strategy


Oja is an e-grocer for African & Caribbean communities.

We partnered with Oja to develop a growth strategy powered by direct marketing and authentic partnerships with hard to reach communities.

NHS Trust Partnership

The NHS is the biggest employer of ethnic minorities in the UK. We were able to build a strong offering working with NHS Trusts and Healthcare communities.

Freshers week activation

University can be a daunting experience for many students, especially those who are use to home cooked meals from their culture. A university tour was able to drive awareness amongst national and international students looking for a taste of home.

Supermalt X OJA

Brand partnership campaigns with brands stocked on Oja has driven not only great engagement but activation across socials and direct mail.

We improved marketing efficiency by 400%, meaning we are getting four times more for every pound spent on paid marketing.

1 : 4
Ad spend : Revenue

Performance marketing


Ava Estell came to us in July 2021 after delivering £1.2m in 9 month through social media and ads. Following the release of iOS 14 update they started to face some challenges around scaling. Using our in-house “Measure - Learn - Scale” approach, we were able to deliver a further £7 million in revenue in 9 months. 8 figures in 24 months, puts Ava Estell up there with some of the fastest growing DTC brands in the UK.

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Business transformation


In 2021 mobile barbershop start-up TRIM-IT faced two challenges, re-introducing the brand after 8 months lockdown and having switched a B2B model, they needed to re-educate the barber community into becoming partners. We leveraged Digital PR campaign via popular cultural news pages, Brand partnership with Harry’s and celebrity barber Slider Cuts alongside a well refined paid and organic social campaign. We helped get 30 barbers on the road nationwide, 6 months ahead of schedule - taking TRIM-IT to 7 fig+ revenue.

Barber Leads
Mobile Barbers
Revenue Growth
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