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Performance marketing


Ava Estell came to us in July 2021 after delivering £1.2m in 9 month, through social media and ads but started to struggle following the release of iOS 14 update, which impacted all Facebook Ads performance.

Profitable paid marketing

Using our in-house “Measure - Learn - Scale” approach, we were able to quickly identify what was working on a content and audience standpoint to deliver a further £7 million in revenue over the following 9 months, primarily from Facebook Ads.

The number game feature

8 figures in 24 months, put Ava Estell up there with some of the fastest growing DTC brands in the UK.


Growth strategy


Oja is an e-grocer for African & Caribbean communities. We partnered with Oja to develop a growth strategy powered by direct marketing and authentic partnerships with hard to reach communities. We improved marketing efficiency by 400%, meaning we are getting four times more for every pound spent on paid marketing.

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Business transformation


In 2021 mobile barbershop start-up TRIM-IT faced two challenges, re-introducing the brand after 8 months lockdown and having switched a B2B model, they needed to re-educate the barber community into becoming partners. We leveraged Digital PR campaign via popular cultural news pages, Brand partnership with Harry’s and celebrity barber Slider Cuts alongside a well refined paid and organic social campaign. We helped get 30 barbers on the road nationwide, 6 months ahead of schedule - taking TRIM-IT to 7 fig+ revenue.

Barber Leads
Mobile Barbers
Revenue Growth
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