We are a team of brand and digital experts providing end to end solutions to maximise our partners growth potential.

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We take a data-informed approach to marketing, with a human-centric view of your audience so you can be efficient, yet effective in your marketing.


Cultures and trends are developing at fast pace as the world becomes more connected. We translate culture - so you can be one step ahead of competition.


We help you tell stories which connect. We spend a considerable amount of time testing creative ways to storytell digitally.


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Authentic Storytelling & Partnership


A partnership was formed between our company and Plantmade, a natural wellness brand, to help them expand their presence. The hair growth market is tough due to customer skepticism about regrowing hair after hair loss. Recognizing the need for a holistic approach beyond paid ads, Plantmade and our team collaborated. We used data and cultural insights to create a real-time communication strategy that built trust and boosted revenue. This strategy centered around authentic storytelling and involved various teams within Plantmade, including founder, partnership, retention, social, and creative teams.

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Growth strategy


Oja is an e-grocer for African & Caribbean communities. We partnered with Oja to develop a growth strategy powered by direct marketing and authentic partnerships with hard to reach communities. We improved marketing efficiency by 400%, meaning we are getting four times more for every pound spent on paid marketing.

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Performance marketing


Ava Estell came to us in July 2021 after delivering £1.2m in 9 month through social media and ads. Following the release of iOS 14 update they started to face some challenges around scaling. Using our in-house “Measure - Learn - Scale” approach, we were able to deliver a further £7 million in revenue in 9 months. 8 figures in 24 months, puts Ava Estell up there with some of the fastest growing DTC brands in the UK.

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